A chat tool for SharePoint 2013

It’s been a while Mark Jones started to gently pressure me to write a blog post about CometChat for SharePoint, and today I’ve eventually given in. It turns out quite a few people have wondered how we implemented the chat tool on the SP24 Conference web site, so this blog post will try to explain […]


Extradium 2013 and ForeFront UAG Integration

Following up on our latest recommendation for Microsoft ForeFront UAG configuration with Extradium 2010, this blog post will lay out the configuration steps necessary to make SharePoint 2013 and Extradium 2013 work together through UAG. But first, let me talk about the infrastructure that was used to validate our SharePoint 2013/UAG configuration in a Hyper-V […]


Extradium 2010 and ForeFront UAG updated configuration

This is an update to the UAG Integration blog post we wrote back in June 2012. As you will note below, there are some significant changes to how we now recommend that you configure ForeFront UAG and most of it has to deal with the fact that our previous recommendation either did not work at […]


Responsive SharePoint for SharePoint Foundation 2013 and Office 365

I am glad to announce RioLinx’ first contribution to the awesome CodePlex Responsive SharePoint project. We owe a lot to Eric Overfield, D’arce Hess and Gilda Spencer of the PixelMill team for starting and developing this project that has garnered a lot of attention in the SharePoint community. This project now highlights multiple releases, mainly […]