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Extradium for SharePoint 2013 is released!

I am excited to announce today that we have released Extradium for SharePoint 2013, the 2013-compatible version of our flagship Forms-based Authentication solution for SharePoint Products and Technologies.

As part as this new 2013 release, we are switching our product name from XtraShare to Extradium. We believe that this new brand name will better reflect our commitment and continued investment in solutions targeted at external usages of Microsoft SharePoint (we indeed view Extradium as a pun on 2 meaningful words: extranet and stadium, which we believe conveys a higher sense of community and diversity of players typically involved in external-facing collaboration scenarios).

Along with general compatibility with SharePoint 2013, we have dramatically improved the user interface and its customizability in this release. For instance, one of the screens that have radically changed with Extradium for SharePoint 2013 is the sign in screen. The default sign in page now looks like the following and should provide a more familiar and intuitive experience for people who use Microsoft cloud services (such as, SkyDrive, MSN, Windows Live…):

[Note that both the picture and the text below the picture can easily be customized in our enhanced Sign In Settings page].

We are planning a phased release of all editions and documentation of Extradium for SharePoint 2013, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find everything you are looking for right now.

At this stage, only the Standard Edition of Extradium for SharePoint 2013 is available and can be downloaded by either registering on our site (or signing in for those who already have a RioLinx account). I should add that it has only be thoroughly tested in English and is not yet supported with other languages. Furthermore, while the Extradium Quick Start Guide is available, the User Guide is not yet available.

In the coming weeks, we are planning to fully support other languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Danish), release the Professional and Professional Plus Editions of Extradium for SharePoint 2013, as well as the User and Customization Guides.

So keep an eye on this blog, or on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for further announcements.

Meanwhile, please download Extradium for SharePoint 2013 and let us know what you think!

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