Extradium for SharePoint 2019 is available

We are glad to announce that Extradium, the flagship extranet user management for on-premises SharePoint, now supports SharePoint 2019, on top of SharePoint 2013 and 2016. Starting with v3.6.1.0, Extradium will support the 2013, 2016 and 2019 versions of SharePoint with one single installer. However, a separate  end user license (and license key) is necessary to use Extradium with each […]

Beware of user information being shared with all SharePoint users in extranet scenarios

Your SharePoint extranet may have a serious security hole

If you think the SharePoint security model shields you from any security – or, more precisely, privacy – concern when it comes to your public-facing SharePoint sites, think again. As a matter of fact, privacy has never been a huge concern for SharePoint, simply because SharePoint was originally built for – and still mostly caters […]


Beware of the ASP.NET SQL Membership Provider for your SharePoint Extranet

If you’re exploring how to leverage Forms-based Authentication for your SharePoint Extranet, chances are you’ve run into the ASP.NET SQL Membership Provider. Aside from the MSDN link I just pointed to, you’ll probably find countless tutorials about it online, as well as a few open-source products (such as the CodePlex SharePoint FBA Pack) and other […]